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Forster xmas fishing trip

Safari 450

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Hi Mate

I hope the weather gods are on your side - it's been blowing a gale for weeks!! Today was lovely first up but the wind is starting to pick up again. Just take care if you go outside - it can become very ugly, very quickly!! Offshore, along Pebbly Beach approaching the lookout at the northern end of One Mile can be fun for pelagics. Lots of dolphin activity there too and top baitfish area too.

In the lake - you can always hide behind an island to get out of the wind, not so outside!

Most fish hang around the leases (of which there are plenty) & weed beds (even more) in the lake - very early, first thing would be best, or after sundown. Unfortunately, the 'ferals' all get out on the fizzboats for the rest of the day with little care for other boaties or yakkers!! 1badmood.gif

Along side the leases (or if you are game, float unweighted baits INTO the leases & HANG ON ........) The beaches should be firing. I've heard of some good tailor. Bream & flatties should be on, as well as whiting. Fresh Bait is best if you can, even the humble mullet. Use a float with short trace on it in the leases (cast in from outside above the flooded racks on high tide.) They give a terrific fight on their own & is still one of the best baits if you are into baits. 80-100mm Squidgy fish for flatties on reasonably big jig heads. biggrin2.gif

Good luck - hope you get a feed!!



PS Do I know you??074.gif You would know my buddies at Merrygoen, for sure, Chris & Mike?!

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Hey Roberta

thanks for all the info, you dont know me I have only just moved down from western qld. Had not ever heard of Merrygoen until now lol. The salt water fishing is all a bit new to me and i have only just bought my boat so i am a little nervous about taking it out side on my own.

I will keep an eye out for you on your yakk and say hi if I see you. forster sounds like a great place and i am really looking forward to spending a heap of time on the water.

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