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Botany bay


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It's been years since my last post, having been boatless for the last 4years or so. But I have recently bought a 455 Top Ender and am back in the swing of things.

So, over the last month or so I have managed to get out on botany bay a handful of times with reasonable success, flatties, trevally, slimies and undersize tailor...but no kingies!

Planning on heading out again tomorrow morning (if the wind dies down), and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? Will collect some yakkas first up (won't bother with squid as I have a newbie on the boat) and will head out towards watts reef, or if the northerly is too gusty maybe find a sheltered area around the north headlands.

Having had no success with kings (or other pelagics) any help would be much appreciated. If all else fails I'll head over to the oil wharf for trevas. If you see me out there feel free to come over and say hello, I'll be in the 455 top Ender with a 50hp etec on the back.



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