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I went to a mates new property over Christmas. There was a large dam (about 1 acre ) not far from his house. After a couple of coldies the conversation got around to fishing, ( NATURALLY ). Bill only moved onto the property about 3months ago and hadn't tried dropping a line in the dam yet. Another couple of ales seen us looking around for tackle and bait! All we could come up with was some old hand lines, bits of chicken, ham and steak for bait.

Walking to the dam we noticed a big red belly near the edge so we walked around a bit further to give her a wide space so she could retreat without coming near us. 30 minutes or so of throwing the poor offerings out and slowly retrieving them ( we were both sure we would catch a couple of eels ) nothing.

I went back to my ute, keeping a wary eye out for joe blake as she wasn't where we had seen her before. All I could find was a couple of small vibro tails in the glove box with no leadheads.

Returning to the dam I gave 1 to Bill and put one on my line. We throw the tails out as far as possible without any weight to help get the 20 odd kg line we had. It wasn't very long before we noticed strange colours following the tails just under the surface. It was hard to make out what they were as the dam was pretty dirty from the rain runoff.

Luck was on our side as Bill's line went straight, he pulled it in, no fight just a weight on it? The fish he landed was bright orange and not unlike a Nannygai. It had been foul hooked. Neither of us could identify the fish, no camera or mobile to take a pic so we released him back into the dam

Later that day one of his neighbours dropped in to introduce himself. We asked him had he heard of anyone catching coloured fish in the dams around the district? Smirking he asked, why, did we catch one? We proceeded to describe the fish we had caught. All the time he was grinning like a Cheshire cat.:biggrin2:

He then enlightened us on what we had actually caught! A bloody goldfish! The previous owners had used the dam for breeding goldfish.

I suppose we will be the local joke for a while.:yahoo: The 2 big city fisho's who don't know what a goldfish is!

Regards Jeff

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