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  1. Thanks Big Neil! Those tube worms were dynamite on the whiting and it seemed as though once they honed in on the bait, it was a matter of time before they hooked themselves haha. Thanks a lot Zoran, I was fishing toward the middle of the Georges, so not far up the river at all. I think it depends who you ask, some people don't keep a single fish anywhere in the Georges as it has a reputation for being a very polluted system. The DPI says fish can be kept in the Georges if it hasn't come from Salt Pan Creek or upstream of Rabaul rd boat ramp (but definitely check official sources). I hope that helps!
  2. G'day guys. Yes that's right, the area is open to fishing for everyone. It's a good place to catch a few carp (or koi) if you wanted to help the Australian natives such as the bass and do your bit. DPI encourages people to utilise the carp they catch (dispatched for eating, pet fed, fertiliser etc.,) but you can return it to the water immediately after capture (obviously check rules in case they change). IMO, if you dispatch the carp at Parramatta, take it with you. I don't know how the general public will react seeing big and possibly colourful fish floating dead on the water or the bins being filled to to the brim with dead fish. My favourite bait is sandwich bread, and the cheaper the better I'd say! They hate the wholegrain stuff and you will too when you find how difficult it is to bait a hook up with it haha. Roll it up in a ball and surround the hook and send it out as a sinking bait or instead float a small piece, it all works all year round. There are other baits also, like corn that is also quite popular. Something like a can of edgells does well, the fish do like the sweet stuff. Carp do take lures but it isn't the easiest way to catch them. Some places carp will readily hit lures, but the ones at Parramatta behave like the standard specimens I run into which do not actively take lures. You could still make it happen, sight cast a small grub lure, heavily scented in front of the direction the fish is heading in. Often it's best to not move the lure once they are honing in on it. They have poor eye sight and if you haven't spooked them, they will come to sus it out. From there, they will hoover around the area sucking in dirt and food and spitting it back out. Eventually it will be the turn of your lure and that's when you strike! P.S. I have had one surface smash my cicada lure once, but I didn't hook up. Good luck!
  3. Looks like a Longfin perch
  4. Thank you all for your continued support! 🙏
  5. Excellent tips James. I was asked to add to this thread but it looks like you've got pretty much everything covered! Your post was comprehensive, very informative and detailed a lot of the sticking points that one doesn't realise until they get to it. Good stuff! I'll just give one piece of advice - make sure to have at least one spare battery. GoPro batteries don't last very long. They provide at most 2 hrs of operation time (or less if the battery has done many recharge cycles) which sounds like a lot but you need to factor in the time you spend with the camera on where you are not recording. You may need to check recorded clips, camera settings, retake the intro/outtro or you may forget that it's still on etc. I've even forgot to recharge the batteries sometimes before going for a fish. You can prevent all the problems associated with this mishap simply by having extra batteries. Good luck!
  6. Nice work big Neil. A very productive session. 👍
  7. Thanks big Neil. It's always nice to catch a few things and have some fun while at it. Thanks Stewy 👍👍👍
  8. No, this is referring to the footage where Stewy hooks up to the kings @mrsswordfisherman. 👍👍
  9. Wow didn't realise I had several messages that I hadn't replied to... for months! Thanks Donna. Short of sticking a GoPro on a stick into the water, I may never find out! Sometimes a bit of mystery is good. Haha yep. Short of a broken arm, that reel was never going to get dunked if I could help it. Nice one! Good to hear you that you opened your bass account. Weedless rig would be good in some of the snaggy spots. Bad luck on the slip too haha! Hope it wasn't too serious.
  10. Thanks Rebel. Part 2 coming up next week. 👍
  11. Thank you James. Yeah that's awesome, can't beat squid fishing in the cooler months! Appreciate it 61 crusher! It was a nice morning out with Stewy. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
  12. G'day guys, it's good to be back! I've just been very busy and I've been meaning to post for a long time. This is linked to Stewy's previous report where we chased kingfish. This report is like the part before we hit Molly point where we chased squid. So consider this Part A 😃 It was a nice morning and it was great to catch up! I've got some pics of the little squid bash we had just prior. The squid were hungry and hitting jigs high up the water column. I think anybody could have caught a squid that day ... especially with a little green squid jig. Here are some nice pictures of the morning!
  13. And rig the live squid too! 😎 P.S. Good fish Stewy! Cracker day!
  14. Awesome report! I really like that photo showing the exposed tree roots.
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