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Hawkesbury still dead


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I keep reading that the Hawkesbury is dead so decided to take a couple of mates out for a run Sat/Sun.

Please let everyone you know that it is still dead.

My mate pulled this one in around Bar Island around 10.30am Sat, not sure size /wieght but a nice fish and cheered him up.

Three more flatties and a couple of big bust ups (around Big Jim's Island) and the guy,s called it quits for the day. Dropped them of at Brooklyn and trotted off down to Cowan for the night shift. Four Jews to around 60cm and one huge Flattie (released)and three nice squid.

One hell of a lot of Hammerhead pups. Called it a day around 11am and went home well pleased. Bait from the local servo.

post-18923-051173500 1356849336_thumb.jpg

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Mate the mighty Hawkesbury is really dead. Isn't it funny that when ever somebody goes fishing ( where ever they fish ) and catch nothing the area is dead, the pro's have fished it out, or whatever excuse they can come up with other than they just might not have fished the right tide, time, rig or bait for the fish at that time. Wake up people and if your not catching fish your doing something wrong! Read up on which fish are on the bite, where they are ( they can.t be every where ) what their feeding on and what time ,tide are they active. The fish are there you just have to put in the hard yards!

Anyway Plummo Boy if they keep saying there is no fish it leaves one hell of a lot of great fishing for the rest of us.

Regards Jeff

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Port Hacking goes a bit quiet at times in spring and early summer, then you find the 2 to 3 foot long hammerheads come on the bite!

Everything else disappears. Cannot really blame the other fish for being scared though.

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Yep, in Pittwater this morning, I pulled in the biggest hammerhead I've yet seen, maybe 1.5 m. one hell of a fight, circling the boat about three times before I got him alongside. Bit off a # 5 circle hook and 80lb leader as I tried to get its picture. It was super strong, but not fat, so definitely not pregnant with pups.

No kingies, just some salmon on the surface. My squid bait was taken by a flattie when it was well off the bottom in about 15m of water. Odd by catch, but a nice one.

One small tailor too.

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Just came back from a week at the hawkesbury, fishing was great up river around Bar Point. Plenty of lizards for lunch and dinner around 50/60cm and lots of small Jew, a few serious bust ups as well.

Loved it.

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