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Redfin - Bream of the lake?


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Hi guys,

I had a couple of hrs spare last night so I wanted to test out my new SP combo ready for a coast trip at the end of the month. Rigged up with a small berkly grub on a 1/32 oz jig head and started flicking it about. Just getting used to the sink rate, feel of the rod ect and to mess about with retrieves.

I stumbled apon a school of small perch and hooked 5 in about 20 mins. Bloody hell they go off for their size and dont give up either.

Massivley rate this as an intro to small SP fishing. :D

I would class them as a strong as a bream lb for lb. Has any one else experienced this or are they just mad with the heat?

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Mate redfin have nothing on bream i find that smaller reddies will fight but once they realise they cant win they give up but bream will fight you for every inch and try to brick you in the snags

A 40cm bream versus a 40cm redfin would be no contest in my opinion, bream would win hands down.

Bream are smarter, more desperate to get away, and like JH said, they fight right to the end.

However a 40cm silver perch versus a 40cm bream would be more of a contest.

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