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  1. A good report of back to basics fishing. Amazing the variety of baits that Bream will take. Well done. bn
  2. A very detailed and enjoyable post LF and some beautiful photos in your post Mike Sydney. I fully understand your excitement regarding your " FTT Popper". What better buzz than to make your own unlikely looking lure and have it catch fish. Very well done LF. I will look forward to seeing how things develop in the future. Cheers, bn
  3. Yeh, far too hot for this old fart to be out on the water with little to no shade Donna. I'll bide my time and go fishing when it cools down a bit, assuming there's enough water in the river. Look forward to your reports. bn
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Been hard going on the Cod down here too. I'll be glad when it cools down a bit and I feel more like going fishing. Good luck on the weekend. bn
  5. Sorry to hear that you're struggling a bit Frank, but great to see that you are still keen to pass on some of your hard earned expertise to some newbies. This is probably the first time that the heat and humidity has got to me. I'll be glad when the cooler weather arrives and I will feel more like fishing again. Keep in touch mate. bn
  6. YKS.....................understand? You seem to do alright Dave without the knowledge. bn
  7. So, apart from the flash flooding and the strong winds affecting the opportunities for you city dwellers to wet a line, has anybody noticed how quiet the site has been recently? I, of course, have a totally different reason for not going fishing. It's too flaming hot. I can't afford to get any more heat affected. Been drinking so much water the river has dropped another foot this week. Anyway, I thought I'd pass on my observation... anybody been doing anything interesting during the fishing doldrums? Here's a question for somebody to answer. Why do we need to have the change to PE for rods and line? Wasn't it easy enough for us to understand either lbs breaking strain or 4-8kg one piece rod? Where did this come from and why was it necessary...or was it? bn
  8. Well what a great post Henry. The fact that Derek knows his stuff and can teach it effectively is emphasised in your report. You have listened, learned, and put it into practice... and a great result. I hope that you manage to get out fishing more often and you can learn even more technique as you go. The journey of the angler is never finished, there is always something else to learn, to practice and to perfect. Good luck, I will look forward to reading about your adventures. bn
  9. Solid specimen jaybez. Bet your mate was stoked with that. bn
  10. Obviously your tackle needs to be in good shape cos these fish are strong and smart. If there's structure around they will try to use it to their advantage. They seem to react to what you do, so moderate control for a longer period is usually best. They possess stamina and often take a while to tire out. In summary, I would say "take your time". Don't be too discouraged if you hook and lose a few, everybody does. Make sure your line is sound and the reel drag is set where you want it. Good luck, bn
  11. Have fun Zoran while the rest of us bake in the midday sun. Looking forward to your reports when you get back on the water. bn
  12. There's a lot of positives in your report Donna. The excellent outcome of the diligent work Stewy put in to setting up the outfit so that you could get out there and live the dream. I trust you will have many, many future trips and lots of great times down the track. The lovely places you are getting to visit and relax in comfort, no doubt some lovely people who you are meeting too. Alas, the one thing missing is the decent fishing. Your searches through local forums, seeking a bit of camaraderie/local info have been unsuccessful. Look forward to your posts as you continue your travels. bn
  13. Thanks for your post jaybez. As an avid reader of posts on Fishraider and other sites I had noticed the same thing and can substantiate the same experiences in Freshwater fishing. I have no concrete reasons for this phenomenon either, but it is definitely the case. There is enough expertise on this site to contribute to solid opinions on the findings that your DPI contact has established although a definitive answer may not be achievable. Thanks for sharing the information. bn
  14. Very well done Tarik, great result. I have never fished for Mahi Mahi but I had some for dinner recently (courtesy of Hoods) and it was fantastic to eat. Looks like your freezer is going to be well stocked for some time. Hope you consider putting more of your posts on here for us all to enjoy. Cheers, bn
  15. Fishing is often a bit of a gamble... trading off the number of bites to the number of fish caught and the amount of gear lost. It can be great fun (and rewarding) to land something exceptional on light gear. One of the benefits of fishing is the challenges we set ourselves to get a fish landed. Looking forward to seeing how your experiences end up. Cheers, bn
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