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Which boat?


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Hi guys,

looking to buy a boat soon.

Not looking to spend a mountain of cash though.

What type (size, price and such) boat would be ideal for someone looking to do some offshore fishing?

I am thinking maximum 20kms out to sea and using it predominantly around the Wollongong area.

I see people taking tinnies out of boat ramps but want something safer that will safely take out 3 people maximum.

Any advice will be very good.


El Feroz

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I've done small boat fishing in a few different boats and get glass as your first preference. RIdes a lot softer and quieter. Plate alloy as the next option... not as soft or quiet but something like a Bar Crusher is an awesome fishing rig. If offshore is what you really want to be doing, don't go with a pressed aluminimum hull. I've fished out of my Quintrex a lot and it's perfectly capable of fishing 20km out and has done it heaps... but it's not the best rig for the job (even if it were a metre bigger)... pressed alloy boats are about versatility IMHO... a rig that you can fish offshore, inshore, in dams, up rivers.

If you reckong you might do a lot of fishing up snaggy rivers and may want to run it up on sand or put it in at ugly boat ramps yet still want a more capable boat offshore, think seriously about plate. If offshore is only a sometimes event, pressed allow will be a lot cheaper.

Cheers, Slinky

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