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Under 6" Single Piece Jigging rod advise


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Im looking for a jigging rod to suit my Salina 10000 I have just bought with 50LB braid in it.

Thinking minimum rating would be best to go with would be 15kg but im not sure on the brands available.

I know silstar make a 6" version in 15-24kgs but I was hoping to get something a bit shorter if possible. I already have a 6" rod that can handle smaller fish but just wanted something a bit tougher an easier to jig with.

Budget not a major problem I can sus that out once I can weigh up all the options

Will be using it for jigging kings @ 12 mile during winter

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Can't help you with eggbeater sticks I only use proper reels for fishing.

Basically a cheap one will cost in the $200 range. Mid range to $500ish.

top line from $600 to well over a grand..

$350ish will buy a rod that will do 97% of your jigging. But you WILL end up with several line classes

Go composite and Parabolic Action for comfort and less stress.(knocking it about)

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