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How's Eucumbine fishing


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Hi Fellow Raider

Im off fishing Eucumbine for a week on Saturday with guys from both the Central coast fly rodders club and the Singleton guys.

Does anyone know how the fishing has been lately around Euc and the local rivers

Many Thanks

Bunney 10

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Hi Luderick Angler

The lake fishing was really tough going as the lake had dropped below the weed beds, which totally wiped out the mudeye hatches, along with this the water temp was 24, way too hot for trout, we decided to fish well into the early hours , but only managed to catch a few trout which had been gorgeing on yabbies. 11 anglers in the party managed to catch about 15 trout over 7 days

The rivers were much better especially the Gungarlin which was chock full of little rainbows all willing to take dries, managed 8 and lost about 20 in 2 pools, didnt need to fish pool aftyer pool as the fish werent shy at all,

The thredbo was tougher mainly due to the amount of angling traffic it gets , only managed a small brown in the rapids between the bridge and Paddy's corner

Hopefully next year will be a better outing


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