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Inflatable Lifejacket inflates at 1m - this WILL save lives

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Hi guys

A lot of us have inflatable life jackets, which are fine if you have them already blown up before you go in (I recommend to manually inflate it in rough conditions in CASE you go in ......)

BUT - more often than not, it is the unexpected dunking that catches you by surprise & you may not be able to inflate your manual vest, particularly if you have been knocked unconscious, by hitting the boat or rocks.

THIS guy has come up with (what seems to be) a viable option! Add his electronics to your existing PFD - and if you are submerged at 1m or deeper for a specified period of time from 'instant; to 10 secs - a pressure sensor will inflate the vest, bringing you to the surface!

The tragic deaths of those 2 young life savers who were knocked unconscious by their boards in the last few years - could have been prevented if this kit was compulsory on all competitors. When knocked unconscious, the air in the lungs can be explosively expelled, making you sink like a stone. This addition to your lifejacket should bring you to the surface, once you go more than 1m under. It will NOT inflate if you are just swimming on the surface, as it is 'pressure controlled' to only react after it gets to 1m depth.

This would make it an essential bit of kit for any Rock Hopper - and also any boater, really!

Check out the vids.

This one shows how to add the electronic kit


I am not affiliated with the product - I just think that this really is a viable option to us water loving folk to stay safe in our chosen sport!



Some more info on the inflation device .......

1.An electronics circuit connects to a battery.
2.The battery is rechargeable lithium (as in mobile phones.)
3.The swim version can be set to go off Instant or in 10 seconds.

Please understand you can fall in, and swim in your existing inflatabe life jacket all day with the module attached. The electronics will only start counting when you go under 1 meter of water and if you are still under 1 meter of water within the 10 second period (or shorter period if chosen) - the unit will then activate and bring you to the surface.

1.The Battery is mobile phone trchnology, Iit lasts 10 hours in swim mode before needing a recharge.
2.The Module does not interfere with the life jackets existing safetry features IE manual oral inflation or the emergency pull cord.
3.Once the life Jacket has been set of manually you can simply change the gas bottle.
4.If the life jacket is triggered by the electronics it will need to be serviced or exchanged.
5.Salt or Fresh water.

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Hi seems like a good idea

but 1) Aren't there already lifevests that inflate automatically

2) Is this approved by water safety, as I suppose it is a modification of the vest

3) I've learned over time that anything that comes close or is in salt water gets corroded or oxydised sooner or later, what test have been done in this regards

4) is there an indidator on battery status

Thanks Thomas

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Almost useless in my opinion. Type 1 lifejackets serve two valuable primary functions. One is to immediately provide flotation and turn and unconscious person face up with their face above water level, thus preventing water ingestion, immersion and death (drowning). The second is to provide flotation so a person can conserve energy and adopt the HELP position, both before and after they become exhausted.

An unconscious person submerged to one metre will most likely be deceased since they will likely have been face down and subjected to water inhalation or ingestion before they reached one metre.

It may aid survival in some circumstances I guess but I would not entrust my life to any inflatable life jacket if I was exposed to the risk of being knocked unconscious (eg. bar crossings).

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