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Bonito off the stones


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Had a chance to have a early morning spin sessions on the stones Tuesday morning as

the swell was down. Got there about 1 hour before high tide and rigged up. Tied on a blue 40gram

Spanyid and proceeded to cast out. After about 30 mins the bites came on and the 1st bonito was

on the ledge. Bagged another 2 and a mack tuna. Seems these surface fish are still around.


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Is the stones an actual place or is that a covert name for a location. I tried to spin off the curl curl ledge, I can't foresee landing a fish there. Nice stuff man.

I tried once at south curl curl near the car park but found it too hard to spin. Casted out a few times which was fine. On retrieving back, lure got caught on the side of the ledge, not impressed. i quit after that. I think North curl curl maybe the better option but i have never fished there before. Looks like a fishy spot.

Are mack tuna good eating?

I'm not sure, never eaten it before. Good for fillet baits.

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