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Lane Cove 7/5, surprise catch


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G'day raiders, just a quick report on today's trip.
Headed to a spot in the mouth of the Lane Cove River at sunrise in hope of bream for dinner.
Used salted pillies and taylor fillets..first catch was a fat bream..then all went quiet.
While I was pouring myself a cuppa my light rod with the taylor fillet started screaming! i called a jew.
​After a quick tussle up came a pb Snapper for the harbour measuring 40 cm, couldn't believe my eyes :)

Moved further up the river around Gladesville and spun up some taylor. Quickly live baited them and poured another cuppa. Half an hour passed when my baitrunner had a quick run then stopped..brought it in and the the taylor was chomped just before the hook..spewing! Threw out a big fillet and crossed my fingers. About 10 minutes later the same thing happened..brought it in and my hooks were gone :(

Picked up a couple decent flatties and called it a day.

Anyone want to shine some of light on this?? Are sharks commonly caught as by-catch to jewies in this area?

Thanks Raiders,


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Nice snapper mate!! Sharks are often a by catch when jewwin, I hooked a 1.5ish metre shark just the other day up at pittwater...I was just soaking pillies on gang at the time though but after a bit of a fight and a direction change the hooks were all gone

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There are some BIG tailor in the harbour at the moment I had one attack a pinkie I was winding in yesterday. Bit the pinkies back 1/4 completely off in one bite and the Pinkie came off the hook at the same time. While the pinkie was floating on the surface the tailor came back and finished the job off and swam away with the rest. Biggest tailor I’ve seen in Sydney I thought it was a rat king when it first grabbed the pinkie.

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Yeah Ive witnessed some big tailor coming out. When there are big school of tailor like that coming in, its not uncommon to see the bigger predators coming in. Unless a huge tailor ate your big tailor. Jews won't bite hooks off. When you say you spun them up, did you cast and quick retrieve or did you sink your lure and jig it up fast.

Good stuff with that snapper.

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Cheers boys,

houdini - would have been good to watch ye? I dropped a good size taylor also.. would have been a couple of kilos..can't believe they would chew through 30lbs without too much trouble. Iv'e got to get me some big circle hooks!

Sargerx8 - Can't wait to get back out there..I used a chrome blade mate, let it sink half way and retrieved relatively quickly. They were spitting out whitebait in the tank too, bout an inch long so that size lure would work perfect.

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ive fished clarke's point for bull sharks with a mate when we are bored, we get the odd bronzie as well

its prob taylors if all your using is pillies/small fillets.

we usually use whole mullet or taylor or a really big mullet fillet slab for the noah's

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