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  1. I use an alvey and larger overhead to do various spooling and re-spooling jobs. new line onto alvey then adjust alvey drag pressure to wind line onto reel. have the alvey on 1/2 a rod on the ground and put your feet on the rod to hold in place and only use half a rod to wind onto new reel or if 1 piece don't go through all the runners turn line around on a reel by winding it off onto overhead reel first then onto alvey, then as above, now the newer line is on top
  2. Hazelwood Pondage barramundi took 10 years to approve putting and Australian fish in an Australian waterway and then the warm water generator got turned off and now more Barra. Time and money well spent.
  3. deffo go with the wood fire option. I'd say a closed fire box with an electric fan option or maybe a ceiling fan. closed box means you could feel safe to let it burn overnight unattended without sparks flying about and regulate the air so it will keep on ticking all night fan will move heat around more quickly at first then you can turn it off to save power
  4. I really doubt the mullet tried to eat the metal lure and was prolly foul hooked. The few "hits" you got were most likely the lure bumping into the school of fish not them actually biting it. Deffo should have put a fillet out as a bait with the school of mullet there might likely have been a predator about.
  5. probably better to post this question in "Saltwater Fishing Chat" rather than "Freshwater Fishing Reports"
  6. The rip is where the water is flowing out to sea or sometimes along the beach. Gutters are where the water is deeper than normal and sand banks are the shallow parts of the beach.
  7. I would say No. They are pretty much exactly the same as here. The good ones are expensive and the cheap ones are cheap for a reason. Do some research here before you go and then price match when you are there. I don't think you will be coming home with a suitcase full of top quality lures that you snagged for half the price you pay here.
  8. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) tackle in not necessarily higher quality than internationally available gear. Some JDM reels have fewer ball bearings or lesser quality steel bearings. Their lures for estuary fishing will be fantastic. Japanese love anything finesse and shinny. But again not necessarily cheaper and if you need to upgrade hooks and rings maybe even more expensive. I bought heaps of squid jigs but not much else. Do some homework before you go. Do your money conversion equations and currency exchange/credit card/cash card costs. I spent about 2 hours one day in 1 shop and only bought 2 things. Attached is a pic of 1 isle that just had floats, do the math these floats are $13 - $18 each 3 or 4 on each post, 30 or so posts in a line and 9 or 10 posts in each vertical = between 10k - 20k just worth of floats in this pic.
  9. Houdini

    Wild storm

    Long John Daly had a 0 Iron made for himself.
  10. How many years ago are we talking? and what's your recommendation then?
  11. if you get 50% off Shimano just get Stellas for everything!!
  12. Hey BN what would you say distinguishes them as hybrid? They just look like straight old trout cod from here. Do you think there are that many hybrids outnumbering the trout cod?
  13. yeah it will be great fishing under the new wharf just bring your snorkel
  14. Great catches there Kit. How did your wife prepare the "sashimi" trout? It looks partially cooked is that right?
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