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Botany Bay Friday Arvo again


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Took the"flickinlures" boat out for a camera trial arvo with the soft plastics after work as i usually do , i had a brainwave to put my new $400 Go Pro 3 camera on the end of my pool skimmer pole and drop it in the corner rod holder , it made for some great footage , i had trialled it a few weeks before at Lake Lyell near Lithgow for a fishing comp for some good results , i managed to have a reasonable arvo boating around 10 Trevally at 30+cm , i took 3 home and let the rest go but i was very surprised by the footage i got from such a simple use of a pool scoop pole , looks pretty cool i reckon

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now subscribed....that boat looks like it could handle someone else on their with you!!!!

if you ever need someone to hold the camera and maybe flick a lure or two with you let me know.

keep the footage coming.

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Thanks mate but the jacket isn't required on a boat like mine 5.25mtr ( 4.8mtr or less you are required to wear them if solo ), but i do throw one on if it gets bumpy out there for sure .

cheers Mark

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