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Surf fishing with plastics and blades


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Hey All,

I was down in Thirroul yesterday as I thought I'd check out Mark Berg's Fish n Chip shop. I took a couple of light outfits as I thought I might take a look at Windang bridge. Anyways I cheched out Thirroul beach and there appeared to be a decent gutter right on the shore line running parallel to the beach. I haven't fished a beach much and the last time would have been about 5 years ago...but thi slloked fishy. So i tied on a tiny SP on my 6 ft alb rod and had a flick. After about 10 min I catch a tiny flattie. I decide I might have better luck with a blade as the tiny plastic was not really staying bottomed. So i switch over to a tiny gold blade. Instant success. I land a flattie to baout 30cm and then another about 28cm. After another 10 min I catch another flattie to about 33cm. So all up a successful short and sharp session for a surf newbie


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