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Port Kembla 10/6


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Took my young fella out this morning, first time I've had the boat out in what seems like an eternity. We headed over and tucked in behind the North breakwall and started getting a few yakkas which Ben just loves doing. Nothing like keeping the kids busy when they are in the boat. I threw a hook in one of the first ones and threw it overboard, just in case. After a while the heavy rod buckles over and line starts peeling off. Ben drops the yakka rod and grabs on for the real fight. After a few minutes a nice Flattie of 54cm comes up (which nearly got lost overboard in the mandatory measure in)


We went outside around the closest Island but were getting smashed by the wind so came back in close to the South Breakwall. Dropped a couple of livies over the side and started flicking the plastics around (Ben using his brand new birthday present). Then the same rod starts going at an even greater rate of knots than earlier on. We pulled in our first ever Kingy, just over 50cm. Didn't managed to get anything else in the boat, but it was great to be out and having a go.


How fitting that I always call Ben "The Rat"

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