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12v cordless battery for my Fish Finder power source!


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Hi Guys
I got sick of carrying around a heavy 12v 7ah battery in the front of the Hobie SPort ...... so tonight, I have just rigged this up!! A few people have done it before using a cordless drill & it has been at the back of my mind for some years ....... and after a couple of disappointing 12v 7ah batteries not lasting very long at all ...... Plus them being so bloody heavy.......
GO to any hardware shop/supermarket & buy a $20 12v cordless drill ($8 for an extra battery) & carefully cut the head off ....... (I left the switch there.) I undid about 4 screws that were above the switch area.
whack on some terminals to suit those on your Fish Finder ..... VOILA!!
It will all go into a Hobie DryBag in the front of the yak, so will actually be even MORE waterproof than the plastic container that I had the 12v 11ah battery in, I reckon!!
THe red tag is the "Velcro Strap'' that holds the 'on button' down (that I put on with hot glue) - so I can turn it off & it shouldn't drain too much when not in use. Just undo the velcro to turn it off & store everything in the Dry Bag when not in use!
I reckon it will work fine! Nowhere NEAR as heavy!
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