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Tin Tuna / Stripe Tuna


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Over the past 5 years I have caught so many stripe tuna and all I ever do is cut a strip for the wifes sushi-mi then burly or bait for the rest of it. I have heard that tin tuna is only stripe tune but how do they get that dreadful taste be so popular? I did read that as soon as its caught clean it and boil it on the beach in fresh sea water mmm I'm sure John west aint doin that!

So I got yet another on on monday this one was the king of all stripies went 65cm & weight (I couldn't find my scales but it was a lot heavier then my last PB stripe at 8lb) so with plenty to experiment with.....

I put a large piece of tuna meat with the blood vein removed in a pot of boiling water with about a table spoon of rock / sea salt and boiled the crap out of it

Allow it to cool then pour some olive oil over it and mix it with a fork

My son takes tuna sandwiches to school most days (I hate the stuff) after eating the fresh I questioned which was better & he couldn't tell the difference!

there goes the bait & burley supply :(


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