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Fishing Review Submissions.

Guest Jocool

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Guest Jocool

As everyone here has been made aware, Fisheries is reviewing bag and size limits on recreational angler species. There is a submission that has been made available from Fisheries. I have already posted that here on Fishraider.

As an upshoot of the publication of this discussion paper, questions have been asked as to how to best go about making a submission. A number of options have been canvassed, both on Fishraider, and on other fishing forums. A member of Sportsfish has put together a submission form that will allow all Recreational Fisherman to respond in a concise manner, with the provision being made available to add comments to each question that has been raised in the discussion paper.

As a result, Sportsfish has kindly allowed ALL Recreational Fisherman the opportunity of utilising this document. So it is now easy for everyone to lodge a submission in plenty of time for the closing date.

Submissions close on Friday the 30th of September 2005.

All completed submissions should be returned before the due date to:

Fishing Review

NSW Departmentof Primary Industries

PO Box 21



Print a few of and get your mates to fill one in too. If you know of anyone that is not aware of the review....then make them aware! This is a very important issue and should have the backing of all Recreational Fisherman. Lets not let this opportunity to make a difference slip away.


( I fixed the link Joe :-)

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Guest Jocool

It seems that the options paper is pretty much similar to the standardised reply form that has been circulating on the forums. It's good to see that Fisheries has heard what we are all saying and responded in a timely fashion! :biggrin2:

Some come on guys....have you downloaded and used the forms? Remember...we won't get a chance like this very often, to be able to tell the government what we really think! So come on, GET INVOLVED. If not for your own sake, then for the sake of your kids! :thumbup:

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Hi all,

I have just completed my response to the discussion paper and posted it off.

It took no more than 20 mins to complete, including my numerous comments.

As a point to note, the Snapper bag limit was originally planned to be reduced to 5, with the legal limit to be raised to 32cm. However, no proposal exists within the discussion paper.

I have added my own views on this topic within the paper, that being a definite bag limit of 5 and an increase in the legal limit.

Within the context of the final comments page I have taken the opportunity to address my disappointment with current DPI bias toward the Commercial sector. I have made sepcific mention of the following items:

1. Baitfish harvesting by pros

2. Striped marlin and the E & Y report

3. Licence buybacks and subsequent re-entry by Pros

4. Independant Audit of the Rec Fishing Licence pool of funds.

I would encourage you all to take advantage of this paper to express your views on such items despite this not being the principal focus.

Get to work Fishraiders and make your voice heard :thumbup:

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Guest Jocool

Great effort Byron! :thumbup:

If anyone else has views they would like to sure feel free to throw them up here. It will give everyone a better understanding of what we should be looking at doing! :1clap:

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