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Aluminium boat for 7-8 people?


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Hey guys,

After some advice/guidance on what boat models I should be looking at in looking for an old aluminium hull that is rated to carry around 7 or 8 people. Basically looking for a cheap hull to keep inside the harbour but being able to take plenty of passengers.

Thanks for the help!


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Hi, the law states 1 adult per metre as a guide so you will needing to find a large boat and anything in good condition is not going to be cheap, but that is very relative because what is cheap to one person is different for the next. What is your budget and I am guessing you are wanting an outboard and to move such a boat with 7-8 people that will also need to be large, so again good ones of these are not cheap.

I think you best bet would be the on line auction sites but ou will want to know what you are looking at on there otherwise you could get a money pit.



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Yea gooday, i have a 7metre plate aluminium boat with a 225 4stroke yamaha, i bought mine less then a year ago through a dealer in sydney, cost $23,500 with 2 years warranty on all

it is a custom built so they are atround and in my opinion i got a good deal, has electric ancjor winch, marine radio, colour humminbird fishfinder, great lights for night work, but biggest plus of all is aluminium top with safety glass windsrcreen, does 34knots!!!

took me almost 2 yearas to find this one so keep looking, i found this on ebay so the prior advise is spot on, look for the auctions, hope you find one, cheers joe

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