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My First Ever Salmon


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Hello fellow Raiders.

Im proud to report back on Saturday 20th July 2013, ive caught my first ever Australian Salmon off the beach at South Curl Curl. All thanks to James (Chimiria), for taking myself and Ignacio out for a bit of beach fishing in the early morning. He showed us step by step how to rig up properly for beach fishing, and when the Sun was up, patiently taught us how to read beach formations, gutters and where the fish are likely to be lurking.

It wasnt long after rigging up, i was onto my 1st Salmon, although only a small pup measuring 43cm, it pulled really hard and i wasnt expecting it to be so tough, as soon as it was close to shore it when berserk, but with James guidance, it stand no chance of unhooking and escaping.

Soon after James was onto his first for the day measuring 46cm, and then a beautiful 54cm specimen. Whilst Ignacio was using a much lighter gear without much success chucking pillies, switched to worms and caught his first ever Whiting.

Beach fishing is a tough workout, lugging the heavy gear and with the gutters constantly shifting. It pays to pack much lighter next time and to stay mobile. The use of a much heavier sinker is needed as my baits was constantly washed ashore and perhaps a 3/0 or 4/0 ganged would help with a better hook up.

The gear i was using;

Daiwa Seajigger 325

Saltist 4500H with 40lbs braid

Paternoster 2 meters FC Leader with 2/0 ganged.

40g-60g Star sinkers

Pilchards as bait


All in all, it was a beautiful warm winter morning to be beach fishing, learning new techniques, making new friends and memories.

Once again, big thanks to James for taking us under his wings. :clapping: And Oh, the salmon was just a bonus.

Im now a more confident beachfisher.

Thankyou for reading


This is James onto his regular catches





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Well done! That's the beauty of fishraider, there's always someone with more knowledge willing to show someone else the ropes!

Congrats on your first sambo of many and hats off to chimiria, for sharing his time and knowledge!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Good stuff man, those fish are great fun. Wait til you hook one up in a river or estuary. Its so much more fun than off the beach, the fish becomes a projectile and flies out of the water doing all sorts of stunts.

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Excellent stuff guys and well done on a very productive morning :thumbup:

Congratulations on your first salmon and may it be the first of many more!

Good on you Chimiria for giving up your time and helping out the boys.

Keep up the wonderful work.


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My pleasure guys, it was a cracking winters morning to be out on the beach. Congrats again on your first sambo and whiting we will have to go out for another session soon.

A few pics below from the morning

Cheers James






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