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Boat Inspections


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I'm getting closer to taking the plunge to getting my first boat and what I'd like to know is there someone who does pre-purchase inspections like NRMA does on cars.

I'm looking at a budget of around 10-12k and thought I'd be able to pick up an older runabout in the 4.5-5m range but not knowing much about boats don't want to buy a dud.

Any advice would be great, I'm just after something to fish from mainly rivers and running along the coast in good weather and something with a little shelter from the sun for the kids.



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Hi Rob,

If the boat's in the southern Sydney area, we (Yabbie Marine) can have a mechanic do a pre-purchase inspection for you. If it's elsewhere in metro Sydney we can put you onto a reliable mobile guy.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Ben thats good to know, I'll give you a call when I find one. I wanted to come over and check out your poly's anyway although there a bit out of my price range at the moment

Iain I'm open to either just depends what I find in my price range although I think there's less to be weary of in the tinnies.

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