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Last few sessions around IC and the Parra

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Hey Raiders!
Had a few sessions around my local waterway in IC and the Parra during the last month or so and things were very quiet especially after all the rain a few weeks back when the water was as muddy as anything. Managed to get some runs on the board though with a few flatties to 45cm and some bream to 30cm all caught on the Z-man Grubz in either motor oil, bloodworm or watermelon-red on either a squidgy 1.5g No.2 jig (approx 1/18) or TT 1/16 No.1 hidden weight jig. These are the better ones:




I felt a bit optimistic and had a night SP session using bigger lures on a heavier outfit but only managed these flatties to 44cm and swarms of undersize choppers which demolished the squidgy mongrel SP in no time so I stuck it out with the more tooth friendly Z-man Swimmerz:



All fish caught between the top of the tide and 2 hours of the run out and then happily released to fight another day.

So there you go, nothing of significant size to report but it was good to get out there and get onto a few despite the cold weather :)
I hope to give it a crack soon if I get the time now that the water has cleared up a bit.
Thanks in advance Raiders for any comments posted.
All the best and stay warm.
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Great to see you braving the elements & being rewarded for your efforts Ian.

It just goes to show that the flatties don't really move to far, even in winter.

As you've found the fish are still there, they are just more lethargic.

One trick to get more bites is to use plenty of SFactor on your lures

& fish them REALLY slowly. When you think it's slow enough slow it down

some more! 15-20 second pauses are about right I reckon.

Well done & keep at it.

Ohh, & how are you enjoying the new outfit?



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Goods stuff mate your definitely putting the time in and your catches are getting better that silver prize wont be far away.by the way the tides are good this week at the local;)

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Thanks guys for the feedback much appreciated!

Grant: Thanks heaps for those tips!! You're not wrong about the flatties not moving too far even in the winter. That first one in my report was caught straight after one whole week of rain a few weeks back. The water was in a terrible state but I had the urge to get out there. The flattie still claimed its territory even with so much fresh water dumped. It was the only bite I got that session.

I have been using SFactor but only sparingly as I've read that you can overdo it if too much is applied?? I will apply a little more and see how I go. I've also got some new stuff (TT Pro-Cure Super Gel Scents and Sax Scents) and will give that a crack soon. The definition of fishing 'slow' has always puzzled me, thanks for providing a gauge of 15-20 secs .... I will try to be a bit more patient and pause longer between twitches.

I am really enjoying the new outfit thanks. It's a real pleasure to use .... so smooth and responsive. I had only used entry level outfits prior to this so it's a huge step up for me. Just have to connect onto something decent to test it out.

Kingfisher: Thanks mate, yeah I've had my eye on the tides this week but work and family stuff just gets in the way :ranting2: Will try to sneak out on the weekend.

Nbdshroom: The Swimmerz have a great paddle tail action and they also have hollow bellies if you want to rig them weedless. As you know the Z-mans are heaps tougher than other SP's so you won't lose them to choppers which means more time fishing and less time rigging!

Tom: Thanks mate. I'm loving the new combo and can feel everything through it, it's very well balanced too. That was great advice you gave me when I was looking to get it thanks again buddy.

Stan: Thanks mate ... try to get out there if you can and have a flick. I saw some salmon last time busting up tiny shrimp from what I could see. Maybe even worth a shot on your new fly rod!!

All the best


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That's a terrific effort there Ian and its great to see plenty of info to go with your reports as well as some very nice fish pictures.

Keep up the good work mate.

Regards Stewy

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