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Mako & Bluefin - Friday 26th July


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Made plans to head for Browns before sunrise yesterday and get a trail going before everyone else got there.

Pulled up just on first light, turned the motors off, was about to start preparing the burley blocks and sure enough there was a Mako swimming about right behind the boat. Quickly geared up, tossed it a fillet and we were hooked up before we even had time to get things started. Fought the shark for about a half hour or so before sinking the gaffs and a securing a tail wrap.

We hung around browns till mid morning and ran through 200kg of blocks without seeing another shark until right when we were about to leave and another swam up behind the boat - didn't manage a bite on the second one though.

We set a course SE of Browns after that and put out a spread. We had plans to head for the cooler waters that had come up the coast and stick to the area until dark. Mid afternoon came and we saw about 11 or 12 birds hovering about quite high above the water.. we sped up and got over to the area just as a few of them started to dive.. dropped it back to a suitable speed then right as we passed under the birds the long rigger took off, then the short rigger and also the long corner - 3 way hook up.

We managed to boat two of the fish but unfortunately lost the third, and the biggest of the three, right at the boat - all in all still a cracker day - ran home in perfect conditions.






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