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Shark Fishing at the Beach


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Hi raiders,

Last night Predator and myself set out to do some night fishing to see if we could get some jewfish, salmon or sharks.

High tide was at 6:45, we arrived at about 5 and wasn't too long before Predator landed this monster:

post-31483-0-66878100-1375694093_thumb.jpg post-31483-0-63462300-1375694126_thumb.jpg

Predator said it pulled like a freight train and we ended up about 20 metres up the beach. Funniest thing was seeing him run into the surf as it busted him off.

Another hour went past before we had another bite. He thinks it might have been a bull shark or whaler, almost ripped the rod out of predators hand and knocked him off his feet.

The night was getting, Predator called out to say it was slowing down and if we wanted to headed off, when his reel started singing again.

Another 20 metre 15 minute struggle to land another port Jackson a few centimetres smaller then the first but put up a hell of a fight.


All in all it wasn't a bad night, I''m still on a donut, but predator assures me he will get me a fish soon. That if he doesn't drop it off my line as he is picking it up.



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ha ha.

Good stuff guys. Looks like Dee Why?

I was there a few weeks ago and got absolutely smoked twice by something. Recon they were some big sharks. There was no stopping them.

I played one for quite a while - walked about 200m down the beach before it realised it had a hook in its mouth and blew me away.


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They put on a sort of fight every now and then ! These ones are fat and I found the fat one are more nervous than slim ones, still surprised you lived any "fight" at all, where you using very light leader material ?

It seems like it was good fun anyway ! Good job

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In my experience, port jacksons have never put up a fight, just more like dead weight and ive caught some good ones out of la perouse. these ones on the other hand, alot of fun on 20lb. Long smooth hard runs like a ray.

The first one went approx 25kg i was struggling to lift it.

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Yeah that first fish is a horse, I don't think they grow much bigger, people who never held them don't realize how dense they are, their head feels like a bowling ball, every time I lift one I'm like : "wtf" ????

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