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Sydney Heads and Parra river


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Good day out on Sunday with an "almost" amazing bycatch on 2 pound.

Started by being at the heads before sunrise looking for Salmon Schools.

Got stuck into them trolling, jigging and sinking stick baits.

Next was couple of decent squirters north of Bluefish.

Back in the harbour I wanted a trevally or two to go with the Squid for dinner, using a blade on 2pnd flurocarbon cast parallel to a dock with some shade and deep water nearby. Second hop line starts pouring off the little reel and heads out into the open. Feeling under gunned and with nothing to loose put the spot lock on the Minnkota and went to work keeping as much pressure on and constantly changing the angles as much as I could. After about 5 minutes the fish takes its longest run in the whole fight and I can see the spool peering out through the remaining line. I take out my phone and its 10.20am. Fish starts to tire but I still have not seen colour at any stage and it has the power to hang down deep and to make short runs when it feels its too close to the boat. When I do get colour its no surprise its big and angry with a yellow tail. With some confidence of landing it I get the net out ready and this is where the fight changes and the kingy tries to hide under the boat. After a few close calls he dives again on a slow determined run and the line parts, its now 11am. Strangely I am not devastated, I had chance at a great light line capture but the king won out this time. I was just happy I got to see it up close, a chunky fat winter king.

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Tough luck, but the upside is that you lasted much longer than would be expected on 2lb. Would have been the sweetest victory but at least you got to see the fish.

When you say the line parted, what do you mean exactly? Did the lure knot pop?

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