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quick session down south


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Haven't been away as much as I like lately, so I thought I'd contribute my first report. Late last night as I finished work I gave my mate a buzz and with about half hour's notice and prep we jumped in the car and headed down the coast towards Bawley Point/Kioloa. We got down there from Canberra around 2am, and got up again around 5.30 to head out onto the rocks for a dawn session. Cause we decided to head down last minute we had no bait or burley, so we'd planned on throwing out a few lures and see what we could produce.

Conditions out there were great, hardly any swell, no wind and it was nice and warm for a change. At first it was a really quiet morning right up until 8.30, but around that time a group of maybe around ten 1m or so sized kings came out of nowhere and followed my mate's lure right up along the surface till he got it up. Got us both pretty excited, and I chucked a lure towards them before they disappeared but they showed no further interest :( within the next half hour a big school of salmon came through as well, but again the sort of just followed our lures and didn't even try to strike. It was pretty strange I thought cause usually when a school comes by they smash whatever you've got in the water.. So by now my mate and I were a little disappointed, it's always exciting seeing fish come up but we had less than half a hour before we had to head home for our afternoon classes at uni. When it came time to go we called a few more casts, and on the last cast five decent looking bonnies came up from the deep just look at our lures, and shot back down almost the second they were at the surface :ranting2: I'm pretty puzzled seeing them this far south though, as far as I knew bonito usually head up north towards sydney till around november when the waters warm up again?? Can somebody confirm?

That fired us up again though, by then we were desperate to catch something and we stayed another half an hour before we finally called it quits. Got back super late for class but all in all it was well worth it, winters been pretty slow when we've been down this way, so needless to say we were pretty thrilled even just to see that some of the fish are around again. Even if we didn't even get a bite :D

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Better luck next time. At least you guys went out and had a shot. Could have ended differently if a king or two had taken your lures.

Probably would have ended underneath the shelf or worse, as we both only had 30lb rods ;) I had a 65lb reel on my setup though as my heavy rod is currently getting repaired.. But would have been great fun!

Bad luck on the kings, sambos and bonnies! But better to have seen them and had a cast than to be sitting class! Better luck next time champ!

Was the first time I've ever seen all three in one session, and even better considering most of my winter trips produced zero sightings of either. And got a few salmon down that way last week too so pretty happy either way cause looks like things will start to pick up again. And always happy to get away for a fish even if it's a quick morning run before class :-)

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