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need someone to come out fishing with you ?


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Looking for any one with a boat who needs help launching the boat or just needs company for safety when they go out fishing . Keen fisherman here with good experience and boat driving licence.

Have just retired and am free most days, living in Caringbah.

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Hi Kurt

I am retiring myself in 4 weeks time and although I have a mate retired close by and often prefer fishing alone there may be times I could use a crew during the week.

I am 67 yo and live near Engadine. I am fairly competitive fishing ANSA competitions where I do exceptionally well and do a lot of extremely light line sportfishing which may not suit you. I have sent you an email and you can advise your contact details if interested.

I have a 5.6 metre Quintrex and intend to do more outside work for kings, tuna, marlin etc

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Kuvo. I only fish during the week to beat the crowds. Normally launch at Grays Point & fish close (up to 5k's) offshore.

On occusions , launch at Kurnell

Sometimes do a bit of trolling but mainly bottom bashing.

The selected day is very much weather dependant , gental breeze , low swell. It's no fun trying to fish in rough water.

The boat is a 4.9mt Webster Runabout

If this is of interest , let me know & I will keep you in mind.


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