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carp season is starting


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Sydney has been subjected to some unseasonably warm weather of late . I was a little worried that Id have to wait a month or 2 more before the carp started firing up again but the reports here and elsewhere are showing that the season has indeed started... So I headed down to my little carp hole.

I usually travel with only one rod but this time grabbed the spare as well. This spare is usually the one my wife uses and is a light tip 2kg spin set up. After parking the car I walked down to the weir not really expecting anything, but there in about 30cm of water were 2 carp of about 2-3kg each digging up the bottom. i tried to catch these two but they were too skittish and disappeared. Moving up steam a little creeping along as best as i could i spotted another larger fish. The river here is only 2-3 meters wide and the fish was in a bit of a hole near the edge. I used this as my start point setting up both rods with bread bait and a little bit of berley and had 2 hookups but but didn't land either. I moved from there up to the main pool and didn't get any action there till I moved further up the pool where a fish ran me straight into a submerged log.

All up i saw maybe a dozen or more fish and they were all very actively swimming around but they weren't really feeding. Its still early in the season yet and I am guessing that given another month they will hit just about anything. So the total was 3 hookups and none landed. Soooo.... no picture for you!

On a side note while quietly sitting by the bank a guy with a video camera came crashing through the bush in the hope of recording a platypus. Apparently they reside further down stream. While he was bush bashing to get to the river it occurred to me that we are a very noisy species. Just as well he didn't have to rely on stealth to hunt any more, that guy would have starved!

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It seems they are only just starting to fire up, but there are still days when they can be stubborn. Fingers crossed the warmer weather speeds up their metabolisms, gets them in breeding mode then they will be on the chew again.

Tried for some today, but very gusty wind made things difficult.

A few enquiries on the garden worms though.

Steve :soccer_h4h:

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Bad luck but at least there were a few bites to keep you interested. On the flipbside, it could have easily been 3 caught.

yup, just a bit of bad luck. it will only get better from here tho :)

having never tried fly fishing, how much room does this require?

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