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Wonderful Whitsundays


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I have just returned from a week bareboating the whitsundays and had mixed results this time with the fishing.

Unfortunately the weather was against us with 35knot se trade winds for most of the week making fishing and anchorage options limiting.

I had planned to fish, Bommies and flats that i had discovered on a previous trip but these proved to be unfishable this time so had to opt for the old plan B.

Anyway, i managed some nice fish that will make me want to get back up to this unique part of the world.

The first pillie i drifted out resulted in this monster 112cm Queenie caught as i sipped my first beer at an anchorage out of the wind.


what a start!

As the weather was so unkind, i spent time trolling some fishy areas and the highlights were this lovely Bar cheeked coral trout which tasted a treat bbqed at whitehaven beach for lunch.



Also i hooked a massive spanish mackerel 25kg plus (easy) that had the lure pull whilst trying to land the fish at the back of the Cat ( my girlfriend wont let me have a gaff) with all the dingy and davits, getting in the way in 35knot windy conditions. Unfortunately the lure flew back and punctured the dingy so i had a foot pump in the tender for the rest of the trip.



all in all its an awesome place to fish and visit. we saw tonnes of wildlife, Eagles, turtles, dolphins, and curious baby whales with mother in tow. We also managed about 10 species, including small GTs, Bigeye trevelly, spotted and spanish mackerel and a few small reefies, like red emperor and perch.



despited the conditions, the geography of the area allows you to still enjoy your time.

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Great article . Fantastic Queenfish . I think I just decided where I'm going for my next holiday and i know what Santa is getting you for Christmas , a Gaff !

I'm stuck filming interviews with my leg still in the mediboot, with only Fishrader to give me a fishing fix . Mind you , had great success with the new smoker, the Tailor tasted amazing

Never throwing them back again , working all next week , but , might take the kids out Sunday


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