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Botany Bay 12/8


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met Chris (crazedfisherdude) at my place for a late start and we were on the water by 9:30am

things started off in the worst possible way with chris's big outfit going overboard due to a loose holder in the rocket launcher (lanyards fitted tomorrow) we headed to the HWO nearly mowing down a diver with no flag on his float and tried to get some livies to use for nil results.

thinking that the day was going to be a complete bust we went to moullinex point and started to soak some prawns and i threw out a bait jig hoping to attract some bait with the burley.

thats when things got interesting :biggrin2:

with the bait jig out about 15 mtrs unweighted it bent the rod and i called it for a slimey but up came a nice trev :thumbup:

threw the jig out again and almost imediately hooked up again, another trev.

this was enough to get Chris reaching for my bag to pull out another bait jig and the fun began.

over the next few hours we boated over 50 trevs and had the luxury of thowing back anything under 30cm while still keeping a good feed for both families and our neighbours.

Great day, Great company and a good feed who could ask for more.


if anyone is looking for a deckie i can highly recommend Chris as someone who knows his way around a boat and fish and is a good bloke all round.

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........lets hope that some more raiders can get into a few before they go off  :yahoo:


Here's hoping Chris. :biggrin2:

Great stuff there Brian, hope they are still there on Sunday. :1fishing1:

I went and bought myself some more plastics today :biggrin2: so hopefully they will get some use on the trev's as well as the whiting and flatties.

Well done again and good on you for posting up your thoughts on your deckie for the day. It's always good to know who's who on the forums. :thumbup:



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