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Krg Chase Np Fire


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Launched from ATB today at about 7:30am, and as I was motoring up Cowan, about 1/2km from ATB I noticed there was a fire.. I think the RFS were conducting a backburn, or training, or both because it was a small fire, and when I came back about midday, they had the RFS boats from Berowra and Dangar Island pumping water from the river, as well as a chopper that was picking up water from the river and bombing the fires.

Was good to watch.. Here's the hill that was on fire:


My mate Dan having a look when we got closer:


The helicopter pickup:


..and dropping off:


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Found out today the fire started on Thursday night

Cause unknown as usual

Crews were still working on it today


No HR,practice or training...........JUST NORMAL ARSON

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