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squidding at a new spot with my high school buddy 18/09/13


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hi raiders. got a sms from my high school mate and asked me if i wanna go squidding with him. got picked up around 730pm and got to the spot 40mins later. after a couple of calls to check the exact spot, we finally found it but the spot was already packed. we decided to go to the spot along side and after 15mins we landed our 1st squid. it was a brown jig that worked. i was using a pink one. decided to change to brown and we landed 5 in the 1st hr. my mate decided to change to pink and we landed 7 in the next hr. some of the squid were hiiting the jig on the way up around 1m from the surface. ended with another 2 in the last hr. the wind picked up and started to blow so we decided to packed up and go home. got home around midnight.

my 1st squidding season and it was awesome. 3hrs went really quick. me and my mate just had a chat about high school days. catching the squid was a bonus. ended up with 14 squid. my mate won the round with 9 squid. i dropped 3 on the way up. my mate dropped a couple as well.

the gear we used:

daiwa ballistic 2500 reel with 10lb power pro

samiki rod

6-10lb fc leader

size 2 squid jig in brown and pink

the spot we went to is at mosman area. sorry cant tell the exact spot.


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Terrific work guys!

Yes it's always nice to catch up with a mate from school and doing something you both enjoy makes it even better.

Nicely done.


Yes mate...catching up with school mates is excellent...its been 25yrs since we left school...fishing is bringing us back together again...thanks

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well done on the squid

i still haven't caught that many squid my whole life and you're catching that many in one outing

Thanks sam...were just lucky...thats fishing...sometimes the fish r there...most if the time...you dont even get a nibble...


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