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Led strip lights


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I have just purchase some led strip lights from the on line shop - 5meters.

1.Installed a 1m lenght down each side of the boat.

2.Made up a strip light on alum and put inside some clear tubing.

3. Installed a 1m strip in the cabin with a dimmer switch.

1 and 2 are fine and work through a swithes located on the dash (one switch for each side).

Problem is 3 works through a dimmer and is giving a hum and wine through the audio am radio when it is switch on.The dimmer was purchase through the on line shop as well.

Is there some way I can have the radio on and the lights dimmed?

When I wire up an on/off switch it is fine.

regards norm

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Hi Norm,

It could well be the LED's not being suitable for dimming, OR, the dimmer not being of an LED compatible type. If it's the first, I'm afraid you're stuck with the noisy radio. If it's the second, upgrade to an LED compatible dimmer and your problems may go away,



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