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Outbourd motor

Mr Pitt

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Depends on a number of aspects.

Service history

General condition

Is it from a dealer , warrenty??

If private , why is it for sale

Do a compression test


Is it possible to do a test run

Is there a good stream of water from the tell tail , may need a new water pump.

Check the condition of the oil in the gear box.

If the motor has been well maintained & has good compression 430 hours would not be a problem for a 2S


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I would not buy any motor without seeing it run. You will want to see that the thermostat opens when it gets warm. The tell tale will not show this.

Condition of the prop is a good indication of past treatment.

Check to see if it looks like the block has been apart like my 99 yammy 70hp. A small piece of impeller came away and jammed in the water jacket at the bottom cylinder. Before it seized the bottom spark plug began to corrode apparantly due to the added heat.

I pulled the motor down, sent the block off for a re bore. picked up new piston and over size rings and she screams like a new one.

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