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new yak


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post-31307-0-35066900-1381833470_thumb.jpgpost-31307-0-98068500-1381833564_thumb.jpgpost-31307-0-26950400-1381834117_thumb.jpgpost-31307-0-11243000-1381834164_thumb.jpgwife and i decided on getting a new yak as having two kids and being keen fisherman ( land based ) is to my advantaged , so i was all for the idear ! have seen and read alod of posts and talked the wife into getting a single seater for me when i wanna go for a serious fish and not have to drag the big tank around . but for now i have to stick with the big camo lol

i do have alot of questions though and im sure i will find out as i go . like , how do you keep all your gear with out making majour mods ? like tackle ? i always carry light as being land based i dont want to have to carry a lot of crap .

i have small tackle contaners that i can have diff size hooks , sinkers etc , and as for plastics thats easy ., i just put in the dry conpartment .. any advise will be good ..



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Congrats on your yak - re fitting it out - go thru the other topics in the Kayak Krew to see what others have done with their yaks ........ just make sure you put an ORANGE SAFETY FLAG at the rear of your yak.

You can tie a milk crate (or similar) behind your seat & store stuff in that - some even add a 'lid' of some sort so that if they tip, they don't lose stuff.

Basically, if your stuff is not tied on, you will lose it if you flip - rods included.



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