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Sydney Harbour Trolling for Tailor

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Saturday Afternoon, stated on low tide and the hunt for Sydney Harbour Tailor and Kingfish was on. We trolled for a few hours around the harbour using small Scent Blazer Atom prototype lure. It's the time of year when Tailor schools make their way in larger numbers into Port Jackson (Sydney Harbour).

We see it as an indicator to the start of Summer fishing season, along this part of the east coast of Australia. With 20 degrees water and a good food sauce from the North, looks like the billfish season is going to start early this year.



Large flocks of Australia Silver Gulls were at North Head of Port Jackson and in the Harbour.


And yes, we do a eye test on all fish we catch. Big Smile :)

And below is the type of spread we use for inshore trolling.


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Thank you for supporting an Australian Company and products.

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