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Great day at Botany bay

plumber joe

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Hi All,

First post here, love this forum

My son woke me up at 5am on saturday wanting to go fishing, he was dressed in his lucky fishing shirt all ready to go,

how could i have said no to him.

It was a beautiful day so i thought i'd take advantage of the great weather and spend some time with my son.

we headed out to Botany bay and started fishing at the runway with no luck then we decided to head towards Kurnell,

burlied up chicken pellets and used chicken as bait.

Set my son up and he threw the line in and next thing you know he was onto a nice big Trevally.

Never seen a bigger smile on his face !!

We ended up with 12 nice sized trevallys, 9 that my son caught......He outdid me!!

and hasn't stopped reminding me about it too, he's already planning the next trip....well done son!!

Thanks all


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Always great to see a son out fish their father! I always remember my dad being more happy that I was catching when he wasn't! Good on ya!

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Great report and well done on the fish!

You need a t-shirt saying " I taught him everything he knows". Well done :)

Cheers scratchie!!!

Hey mate, thanks for your post, I always love reading your reports, i have a holiday house at soldiers point and love the fishing there

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That's Gold! Can't beat pics of kids and fish, throw in a smiling Dad and it says it all. Thanks so much for sharing.

Got my 18 month old Granddaughter with us at present, can't wait to take her fishing. Her Dad is also a mad keen fisho so there is a good chance that she will take to fishing with a vengeance.

Had her first trip in my old tinnie two weeks ago at Ballina. From all accounts she loved it.



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