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Smoked lizards?


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I spent Monday morning on Botany Bay with a mate chasing lizards on plastics. At some stages visibility had dropped to about a kilometre and we could only see the closest shoreline. It was an eerie feeling all morning after an intensely red sunrise due to the smoke. The plight of those directly affected by these horrendous fires and those volunteering to try and protect life and property crossed my mind more than once during the morning. Please give generously to the appeals which will follow.

We fished the run-up tide for about 4 hours , landing 12 lizards ranging in size from 38 to 63 cm - most were in the 45-50 cm range. I also landed a decent blurter - going to put that one in the smoker today.

We used various plastics, but the stand out was a 4" Gulp jerkshad in the nuclear chicken colour. A top morning out with a great friend as company. He kicked my bum this trip, christening a new Shimano Stradic 2500 Ci4+ in style. A top reel.

Tight lines,


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Well done kel! Good to hear they are feeding hard.

Did you manage to glance at the water temperature while you were out? was the water clear?

Regards John.

Water temp ranged from 20 to 21 degrees and it was very clear out in the bay.


great report !! what size jigs were you using

We used 1/4 oz jigs in water between 1 and 2 metres.


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