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Braid to braid


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If you are worried that part of the line might be subject to getting maxed out on pressure at any time or worried about knot strength you can double the line over before tying the double uni or you could tie s Bimini on each bit of braid and then double uni the two doubles together. If you really want to overkill the join. This option is obviously quite a bit bulkier than the first standard double uni option.

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Whenever I get wind knots and i can't untangle them, i sometimes just cut them out and join the two pieces of braid back together with an albright. it's pretty ugly and my line is full of albrights but it gets the job done. I've never had a braid-braid knot fail on me. I just do some extra loops in the knot for added security

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I got jacketed on the weekend and cant afford to respool this week. I have 100yards left on an old spool of 30lb fins, will it be ok to double uni them together? Will Just be bottom bashing.


Doesnt matter what your 'just' doing you want maximum strength otherwise your 30lb line is a waste and you could go a thinner line.

I would tie 2 bimini twists on eachother. To tie the second one you go through the first loop made and you need to wind the line around itself rather than twist. It takes a bit longer than usual but for maximum strength that is what I would do.

Also with any knot I tie I always test 'tug' it to where I think it should hold learned through experience or, with my real heavy gear I actually test my knots at home the night before by lifting known weights from the gym placed in a bucket lol. Sometimes I also hook the line end to an imovable object and load the crap out of the rod. Not much good testing your knots for the first time on the next big king you hook and finding out it was no good.

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