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Sambos night at Bondi Beach


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When I joined FR, another forum fella commented on my Facebook Page, it turned out that he is a relative of one of my good friends in France. The world is small as the say.

Yesterday we decided to do a session in Bondi Beach targetting Sambos. I got there at around 8.23pm but found that somehow the rig I prepared got tangled with a sabiki rig that slipped out its bag. So I wasted time trying to undo the tangle to end up tying a new one.

My mate arrived not long after with a sea popper rig and he too managed to get it tangled. There are days like this :-P

Rig done, I casted a fillet of Yellowtail with my Alvey rod and the 6000BCVRRT reel from my mate. The rig was a paternoster rig with a single twister dropper loop with a two size 3/0 ganged hooks and a 3oz no-roll sinker.

Right after my cast my friend's bait net and the rod holder used to secure it to the sand got washed by a big shore break. So I dropped my pants and was going to go in the water to fetch it. But then my friend who then was holding my rod yelled fish on and it was bloody heavy. So I ran back and continue the fight. After few pulls and jumps, it was a nice 59.5cm Sambo!

Second cast, not even a minute after the bait touched water another big Sambo!!

After that it was my friend's turn to have his reel's fish alert hissssing through the night. Two other Sambos and a Shovelnose Shark.

The other fishermen who arrived a bit later were not as lucky. The two main reasons being I was the first on the beach and made camp right in front of a nice big gutter, probably the only decent one on the night. And then when they arrived, I think the school was on its was out and my buddy was just placed right on their way to catch the two last one we got.

What a night!

That was my first decent session of this Spring.



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Sorry for the mistake on the location, the title was right. For some reason I was thinking of Manly... The spot was Bondi Beach, midway between the center of the beach and the south corner, you cannot miss the gutter.

I've updated the original post

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I am glad you did not get into the water for the net and rod holder as they can be replaced later. Think of the worst case senario may happen to you if jumed into the water at Bondi at night time when surf rescue team are at rest, the rips at this beach are vicious and powerfull eventhough tide was running up. Nice catch from a good session. Stay safe.

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Really? I used to catch a lot more sambo's off the beach in the summer than in the colder months.

maybe its the location where do you fish?

i mainly fish the northern beaches and central coast and i always get a good amount of salmon in winter

but not one salmon in summer, so in summer i just target bream, whiting etc of the beaches

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good one. As per previous post, I would think twice about getting in the water at night. We all tend to get tunnel vision when chasing things , especially at night. you might find yourself shoulder deep in the gutter in the blink of an eye.

Stay safe mate.

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