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Friday, salmon salmon and mutton birds.

Flickn Mad

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Went out early Friday morning, thought I would try catch a squid or two and have a crack at a kingy.

as usual couldn't catch a squid to save my life( will work on that).

Headed out around north head to find salmon everywhere.

Off with the squid jig and on with a small flick bait. First cast and I was on.

2kg line and 7 foot bream rod and the drag was singing. u gotta luve a rod bent to the fore grip and braid squealing through the guides.

Only average salmon but great fun.

After 3 or 4 acrobatic fish I desided to head down of blue nose and see if there was any thing else but salmon.

I found seals, whales and more salmon and mutton birds.

tried dropping a octo jig and felt a tap, thought great something for the table, the weight came on and the rod loaded up, oh no, the line angle headed for the surface, another salmon.

After a great fight a pb salmon 71cm.

After another few salmon called it quits.

Gotta love an RDO.

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Sambos are great eating but only on the day of capture

I agree with that, you can cook them many ways on the day of capture as long as they were bled and kept on ice. especially good for fish cakes, but even nice in beer batter, though it is best to not serve it with whiting or snapper etc otherwise you can taste a difference.

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