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No reading on fish sounder


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Have a new boat that came with a humminbird 917c combo.

I get no reading on the fish sounder. No graphics appear, depth is out of whack.

I am thinking it is the transducer as the gps works fine. Full screen works too when gps is on.

What do you guys think?

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are you getting a water temp?

if you are the transducer is receiving power and sending signal, I would then go in to the settings with my Humminbird you have to select what kind of transducer you have & also have the option to turn transducer off.

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Hi Dave, you can go into the menu and make sure the unit is receiving a signal from the tranny. That transducer alos looks too high and up on the plane I doubt you would get good readings because the bottom surface of the transducer will be out of the water.

See it all the time where someone fits a transducer incorrectly.



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