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First time day fishing with the GF with video!

Ojay Samson

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Hey raiders, i went fishing a few weeks ago with my girly the first time and much to my delight...the day didnt disappoint (compared to the previous couple of outings fishing with the girly and a mate..only at night time in the freezing cold with the end result of a grumpy gf sleeping in the backseat of the car and nothing to take home and me and mate jsut talking s#it all night lol)

Anyways, the day was great as i caught a couple of PB fish that day and the girly caught her first fishes in her life...she was loving it!

the tally went:
1x Aussie salmon @ 61cm - me PB
1x Silver trevalley @ 51.5cm - me PB

1x Happy moments/black trevalley - gf @ her first fish ever!
4x really fat and decent sized yellowtail scad - gf

1x silver bream - gf (released because it was still undersized)

anyways, theres more info on the video descriptions in the youtube links.
here are some pics of the fish for that afternoon session and video links too



Anyways, this is my first fishing report post (so please be gentle) and i thought i'd share because raiders has always been a fishing forum i frequent for information/advice and fish ID lol

cheers raiders, Olly





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Nice catches there mate, and good on the girly getting into some fish too. Now you will be allowed out more often to fish haha

That's a really good first report, pics, video, summary. Well done.

Thanks fellas, glad you liked it :)

hopefully i'll have some more reports in the future

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Goodwork mate! Nice videos too!

I've been there before and spent 6 hours on a really windy day with nothing using pillies (That's why I could pick the spot... :074:). High tide hit and the wind dropped and I caught two Aussie Salmons within 5 minutes.

Wondering what you were using for bait?


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The silvery is quite noticeable man ! Very nice fish it would have been a nice fight :) 1st fish = happy moment ??? Hope that doesn't mean the GF is at human beings what happy moments are at fishes ! hahahahaha joking. Sounds like a nice sesh indeed :P

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