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Port Macquarie


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Hi Raiders, i am heading up to Port Mac in a few weeks. I have only two shots to get some fishing in. I am keen to target a Jewie or Cobia if possible??? I am land based and need some tips on where to fish and where to get live bait. Beach?? Break wall??? I have never fished here before so keen to get any info.



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If your fishing off the breakwall, you can really only do that during tide changes as it rips through there!

I haven't really fished the beaches so can't give you intel there.

Up river near the car ferry is worth a flick especially around low tide as you can walk around casting SP's.

At the bridges further up I've heard of Jew and bull sharks being caught there but not sure if you can access that area LB.

Good luck!!!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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