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Hawkesbury Flathead


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Strange critters these flatties. I fished last thursday with platics and blades from Juno to Jerusalem and everywhere in between trying to escape the wind for one fish. Then fished this Thursday with plastics and blades and nailed 17 of the buggers from 38cm to 42cm between 3 of us at Juno and Porto Bay. I'm guessing maybe water temperature would be the culprit. Any suggestions?

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Same thing at The Entrance Trevor.

Fishing fairly regular in my mates boat using soft plastics we get nine one day, and nothing the next.

Similar Tide, same time, same place,

We looked at water temp, wind direction, different soft plastics, heavier, lighter jig heads and leaders,

Hard to figure out sometimes I think you just have to be there.

Cheers Steve

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i use the electric to control the drift or to move around a bay and so on,

i fish 1 rod and have a sleeper behind the boat, i usually outfish the sleeper easily, last trip the sleeper beat me about 5 fish to 2, same SPs on both rods.

whats it all mean, dunno.

spent too much time thinking about it already.

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Like, Stapo, I fish The Entrance and honestly have come to these conclusions;

1. No interest after 25 30 minutes of flicking plastic around I go home (only a few minutes away so easy there for me)

2. If the flathead are biting , they're biting and if they're not...

3. I don't seem to find them all that selective about lures.

4. Generally speaking, the fishing in Tuggerah Lakes has tailed off quite a bit over the years since Lake Macquarie was closed to the pros thereby increasing the pressure on Tuggerah Lakes.


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