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Failed with SP


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Hey team :)

So I took my misses fishing for the first time. We went to Roseville bridge was recommend by a tackle shop, when there rig my misses rod n showed her how to cast, after half an hr she got the hang of it , and she was getting bites. I decided to rig up with SP with paddle tale wit a Jarvis walker solid glass black queen delux with a shimano reel braided. N had no luck catching anything at all besides other peeps old lines n crap.. Ny help and area would be nice for me or any other ppl who's new to SP would be nice



ps no-one caught any thing

His a photo of the sp tat I bought with hooks


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Hi mate, new to SPs myself but have had experience at roseville. None of it positive really. Quite an overfished area as its so popular for picknicks etc. If you're looking for somewhere accessible but with more areas/structure try apple tree bay /bobbin head.

Starting on SPs had more luck with smaller wriggler types. Am a novice but they have more action.

Cheers! Also go as light as possible on line and jig weight something I have learned in my brief time experimenting

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Just keep persevering! Doesn't matter if you don't catch fish every time. It's about learning to keep your lure in the strike zone! Think of where you put a baited hook and try and work your lures in that area! That's the best advise I have, then try different SP's, weights etc...... Depending on tides currents and species! Youll work it out!

Cheers scratchie!!!

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Hi mate

You can't base your success off a single trip, let alone your first and only.

Keep at it. Try different locations, along beaches, rocky outcrops. Comb the area you're in, use different retrieves. After a while you'll work out spots where you have success and where you're wasting your time.


If it's to good to be true, it usually is...

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