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Palm beach Saturday


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Morning raiders, went for a fish at Palm beach on the weekend tried off the rocks on the south of the beach but it's an impossible spot to fish from unless you are spider man and want to jump rocks or chance getting washing machined between rocks! Never the less tried a few unsuccessful casts into what I think was mostly a kelp bed only to lose some tackle...so headed to the middle section of the beach and looked for some fishy looking water...after a little bit of patience up came a 30cm dart shortly followed by a 40 and a 45cm flathead...called it quits not long after and headed home for the day... Did anyone else have much luck over the weekend? Or can someone give me some tips for fishing the south rocks of Palm?


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Hey ruebs! The northern end of palmy is more productive especially off the rocks. But it's a fair walk in I think. I mostly troll that area with good results but while doing so, see many fishos off the rocks there. With all rock fishing safety first though.

Well done on the flatty, always a good result off the beach.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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fished there only when big southerly swells closed most other spots on the northern beaches out

the corner of the pool casting straight to the tip of the joey about 60 to 80 mts using squid or occy and pilly tails

good size snapper and big bream [have caught trag there a long time ago]


e rock at the point is called mushroom rock is also good for snapper and surface fish [tailor kings bonito] but watch the tide as you can get stranded until the tide goes down allways be carefull when fishi9ng the rocks


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The North end rocks are a better bet. They can be prolific at times for tailor, salmon, kingfish, bonito and I know of a number of 20kg plus Longtail Tuna caught of the rocks there. Also rock blackfish (drummer) with bread burley are good there and on the southern facing side, squid and you can get live bait there. Yes it is quite a walk!

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Palm Beach is a really productive beach for bream, whiting, Tailor, salmon and flathead. I've never brained it off the rocks though. Go the beach itself. Usual story, high-ish tide, edge of a deep gutter, a small swell but not totally flat. The best gutter is usually around the middle of the beach where the road turns inland towards the golf course. Live blood worms, and another rod with a pillie tail or ganged pillie & surf popper for salmon, tailor and flatties. Cant remember not catching fish in there.........dart and rays can be a pain.

well done with your flathead!

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