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Squid Kayaks


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visit a fishing store in hope of looking for a fishing kayak. The Kayak will be mainly used around sydney harbour and mostly west side of the bridge. I was interested in a variety of kayaks around the $900-1000 range but i like the squid kayak in particular. Any info or past experience on this kayak would be helpful. Other suggestions for kayaks would also be aprreciated.

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Just keep in mind that 'short ones' ie about 3m are generally used for rivers & inshore only - to go offshore, you really need to go 4m+ ...... 4.3m is the general for offshore! The short ones bob around like a cork from wave to wave & are not the most sea worthy of craft ...... the longer ones 'slice' thru the waves & straddle 2 waves at once, giving a much more comfortable ride



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